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Products & Services

BaseCamp web  Communications Resiliency during a Pandemic - How to setup comms anywhere and reach back to HQ, no training needed

DRI web  Get Ready to Return to Work Program – Plan now and Get Ready to Return to Work with our safe and compliant COVID-19 response plan

IBC web  COVID-19 and business insurance: How coverage is triggered - IBC has produced a brief Q&A document outlining how coverage is triggered and how business interruption policies work

MNP web  COVID-19 Business Advice Centre - Pathway through the Pandemic - Strategies and tools to lead your company through the coronavirus crisis

Rave web2  A Guide to Coronavirus Emergency Response - Download our Coronavirus Response Kit and be ready to communicate the latest information to your community with customizable alert templates, best practices from top medical and scientific sources, as well as a visual tour on how to leverage smart safety data for a faster COVID-19 emergency response.

Walden web  Leading and Managing a Company during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Business leaders and experts have summed it up into three words: resilience, speed, and transparency.

Past Recorded Webinars

Continuity & Resilience Today Education Partners

Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Education Partners

Government - Canada

International Institutions

Maps & Daily Data Updates

Mental Health

DRI web  Anxiety Canada – What to do if you’re anxious or worried about COVID-19

CAMH web  Canadian Mental Health Association – Strategies to maintain your mental wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic

CPA web  Canadian Psychological Association – “Psychology Works” Fact Sheets responding to COVID-19

KidsHelpPhone web  Kids Help Phone – We’re here for you during COVID-19

SleepOnIt webSleep On It Canada - Sleep: your ally during the COVID-19 Crisis

UOT web  University of Toronto - Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

UOT web  Walden University - Expert Tips to Help Families Manage COVID-19 Anxiety


who web Click on to the World Health Organization that has compiled an excellent list of global research papers from peer reviewed publications and other acclaimed international institutions

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